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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ariana grande concert after an explosion killed 19 people injuring dozens. hello again. >> a powerful explosion at a concert in great britain attended by thousands. the pop star ariana grande, they are treating the explosion as a terrorist attack until they find out otherwise. tracking developments in the news room. >> tonight british authorities say 19 have been killed and 59 wounded. there are unconfirmed reports that a suicide bomber may have detonated a bomb filled with nails. >> oh, my god. >> a sound of an explosion outside near the ticket area.
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many panic. >> oh, my god. [ screaming ] >> pink balloons came down during the final song. concert goers thought the balloons were popping. there were people covered in blood and bodies. >> people were screaming and shouting. it was the worst experience ever. >> one concert goer was in the arena when he heard the blast. >> we were in the building when one went off. as we left left that's when we ran to the car. >> despite reports of two explosions, there is only one. greater manchester police were treating it as a terrorist
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incident. they would not confirm reports that it was the work of a suicide bomber wearing a backpack or that manchester hospital was treating patients with injuries from a nail bomb, the same from the belgium attacks last year want >> ariana is an american pop star on tour. many fans are teenage girls. some were separated from their parents in the chaos. >> ariana grande was not injured. she is canceling the rest of her tour. she is broken from the bottom of my heart. i don't have words. they are reviewing video of a man connected to the explosion but he is not identified. there are no claims of responsibility.
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>> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage and turn to mornings on 2. there will be a lot of new developments through the night. we will have updates on in san francisco, there were terrifying moments for a family visiting from missouri. a homeless woman tried to grab a 2 and a half-year-old boy from his mother. bystanders pinned her to the ground until police arrived. >> people were trying to pull the suspect off the kid. there was screaming involved. >> on the video it appeared the subject had attempted and grabbed the child. there was a struggle. >> we are told she faces a
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felony kidnapping charge. >> antioch police have a suspect in custody after a stand off at 12:30. it started with a shooting. they followed the suspect to a hope on san joaquin avenue and called in a swat team. they suggested the man was holding his girlfriend hostage. we are waiting for more information from police and how they ended the 9-hour stand off. bart is facing a class action lawsuit filed by a woman who says the bart app is collecting information from users. we spoke to the attorney who named bart and the app maker. >> they are offering a way to report criminal activity. >> the bart watch app was
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launched in 2014. this is promotional video on their website. it is the focus of a federal lawsuit. they are involved in connection of private user information. a woman filed the suit against bart and a company based in massachusetts. >> they didn't disclose they were doing this. had she known they would track her, perhaps they wouldn't utilize the app. >> it allows bart to track a phone i.d. and the location. she says the privacy policy is hidden by the keyboard. >> it is not disclosed. >> they didn't say that we will also in the background using the app to track you and create a database of information on people. >> she says she believe its is
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a violation of the cellular communication interception act. bart released a statement denying the claims saying the app is a helpful tool reporting security concerns. bart does not use the system to track users. location information is available if the user shares their location information. bart says they only receive locations when the user reports an incident and the agreement and privacy policy is found in multiple areas. her suit seeks to stop the use of the app. >> across industry standards companies don't collect the information that is being collected by the defenses. >> they estimate up to 50,000 people could be subject to collection of private data they want changes made.
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ktvu, fox 2 news. >> bart is trying to figure out why a train derailed in the daly city station. bart says the track was inspected may 18th was fine. there were a few scary moments. >> shaking. it came off the track and then smoking. >> no one was hurt. crews had to escort two dozen people back to the station. the trump administration will release $650 million in funding to electify the tracks between san jose and san francisco. the bullet train will use the
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electified tracks. it will help boost the project. >> laura garcia was on the witness stand most the day in the penalty phase of the murder trial. she testified that her exhusband was physically abusive. she said garcia torres abused her. jurors have to decide between life without patrol or death. the senate intelligence committee in the russian interference in the election, flynn may have lied to
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investigators by not disclosing payments from russia. sources said he wants to testify but only in exchange for immunity. >> people want to make a big deal that you are hiding something. that isn't the case. they are listening to a competent lawyer. you should have protection. >> they are troubled by the washington post. trump pressed two top officials in march to deny any collusion between the russians and trump. >> the president was in israel today. the president said he did not reveal the source to russian
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diplomats. >> the first president to visit the wall. working together to peace. the president specifically hoping to restart peace talks between israel and palestine. >> we can achieve a more peaceful future for this region and for people of all faiths and all beliefs. >> netanyahu candid about the obama administration was more upbeat today. >> i want you to know how much we appreciate the change in american policy on iran. >> first lady sharing time together also. the two visiting the hadassa hospital. hoping to leave the controversy
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at home. on twitter after this remark about the oval office meeting with russian officials. >> just so you understand i never mentioned the word or the name israel. never mentioned it in conversations. >> tomorrow president trump meets with abass before heading to the vatican where he will meet with pope francis. fox news. >> it was a vote of no confidence for mark peterson. he said he spent $66,000 in campaign funds for personal use. he claims it was a loan. the jury said he should be removed from office. 88 rank and file members at the district attorney's association said they have no confidence in their boss. he will continue with his work. he has also said he will seek
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reelection. golden state warriors back in the finals. winning the first 12 games. 129-115 against the spurs. it is the warriors third consecutive conference championship. the team has a 9-day wait before the finals. mark will have more coming up later in sports. coming up the investigation in a frightening case of botulism killing one man from antioch. >> it is hard for everybody. >> new information from england about the explosion at an ariana grande concert. we have a cool down. changes continuing tomorrow and the rest of the week.
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there is a place where heroes so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! new information from manchester, england where police say the death toll has gone from 19 to 22 at the ariana grande concert. some children are among the dead. 59 others were injured. manchester police say the
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attack was carried out by one man using an i.e.d. or improvised explosive device. investigators are trying to determine if there were accomplices or if it was part of a larger plot. health officials confirm an antioch man died from nacho cheese sauce contaminated with botulism. it has been removed from the valley oak food and fuel in walnut grove. how it was contaminated. relatives are devastated. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> just a son and brother. it is hard for everybody. >> botulism is a never toxin
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causing vomiting, blurred vision and paralysis. other victims are being treated. full recovery is possible but it could take up to a year. a woman wanted in connection of a dui crash killing a 3-year-old, this wasn't the first time she was impaired. >> 8 months after the deadly crash, the chp said she was accompanied by her attorney and upset. >> there were tears. she knew she committed a horrible crime. >> she slammed into a parked car killing a 3-year-old and
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injuring his mother. the d.a. charged her with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. a blood test revealed prescription medication in the system. the family requested privacy. they had mixed emotions. >> it is a relief she is charged. there is also sadness and disappointment. she was not pressed with second degree murder charges. >> before the crash she was arrested for an alcohol level of .13 with her child in the car. he was recently arrested for a blood alcohol level 3 times the limit. in that case she planned to pick up her kids even though her license is suspended.
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the d.a. declined an interview. she is due in court tuesday. ktvu, fox 2 news. authorities in pleasanton identified a man shot and killed by police as 58-year-old shannon estol. he was acting erratically. he pulled out a fake gun. the officer shot and killed estol. officer bat was a rookie police officer in oakland when he came forward and testified about misconduct with a group of rogue officers known as the riders. a portion of highway 1 in big sur is closed at mud creek.
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the sheriffs plane took this video. it is estimated millions of cubic feet of dirt and rock came crashing down. 1/3 of a mile is cut off. caltrans has to wait for the hill to stabilize before they clear it. >> that is a problem. all the rains and slides. drying out now. now they are sliding down. cool off with more fog in the coast. the fog is hanging around san francisco. it will have a pretty strong push inland. that is what will be the main impact of the cooling.
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if you look over the city hall you can see fog. you can see fog right there. it is only 1300 feet deep. it will stretch out into tomorrow and the next few days. it will come up over the hill. over the golden gate bridge, it will be high enough heading into wednesday, thursday, friday. a cooler pattern brought to you by this low pressure center it keep temperatures in the 60s. 80s in the inland bay valleys. you see the fog there. it will cool. gradually the reds will disappear. we will see 70s in the inland.
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tomorrow 90 in brentwood. 72 in berkeley and oakland. san jose 83. temperatures from here down, here is the 5-day forecast. tomorrow warm. the low will be closer wednesday. it will be over us. it modifies temperatures in the mid-70s. the 5-day forecast is a nice one. temperatures on the mild side after a pretty extended period of heat. 3 or 4 days of heat. it will cool off quickly. >> growing up in berkeley i love the fog. >> that's why we live here. >> thank you. coming up battle between the giants and cubs. highlights next in sports. warriors pride on display. they are headed to the finals for a third straight year. [ whistles ]
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mark is here. it almost doesn't seem fair, the warriors are so head over heals better than everyone else. >> opening night at thor cell, the spurs rolled. lots happening. four straight games, first team in nba history to roll into the finals undefeated 12 and 0. never a doubt. that little girl had support in san antonio. kawhi or no kawhi they made a statement. this is a shot you can watch over and over and marvel. the handle of steph curry. should have gotten a foul for a
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3-point play. warriors were on their way. how about this activity, 10 of 13 shots, 29 points. he does whatever they need. i think he will step it up come the nba final. the defensive tenacity. draymond green, 16 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 14 point lead at the half. smooth moves. beautiful shooting touch. curry didn't have the outside shot. he buries that. 36 points in 34 minutes. this was also nice to see, iguodala lots of playing time. off and running. nothing sore about that knee. now a 9-game layoff.
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the finals don't start until june 1st. green happy but they have more to accomplish. >> everybody is excited about it. you see that a difference. it is business as usual. we are not finished yet, which is great. you definitely want to have that knowing that we need 4 more wins to accomplish our main goal. >> wrigley field, chicago. giants have home runs. every home run they hit is a solo. that helps every now and then. at wrigley field you have to get a hot dog. if you are not in your seat ready to go, joe panik ride rides it over and out. can we put a little mustard on
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that, please? rbi single. he is gone. i don't need to tell you it is a solo shot. he does not need to be solo. justin also had a double. the score run. 18 straight. really good tonight. he needed to be relieved come the 9th inning. ninth save. getting it done. giants take care of business. they have won 4 out of the last 5. >> one good hot dog. >> good night.
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